Northwestern University
Department of Art Theory and Practice
MFA in Painting, 2004
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Department of Art
BFA in Painting, 2001

2015            “Pay Your Future Self First”  Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014             “Volatility Smile”  Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012-3           “Tracking The Thrill:  Gretchen Bender”                                                              
                      Curatorial Project, The Poor Farm, WI, The Kitchen, NY
2011             “Outside Group”  Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL

2010             “Philip Vanderhyden:  New Paintings”  CTRL Gallery, Houston, TX

2009            “New Paintings”  Light & Sie Gallery, Dallas, TX

2007            “Philip Vanderhyden: Paintings”  Hudson Franklin, NY, NY

2005            “Three Paintings”  The Suburban, Oak Park, IL

2016             “Efficient Frontier”, Magenta Plains, NY, NY   
                     “Superlacuna”, Unisex Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                     “Philip Vanderhyden and Jeff Gibson”, The Suburban, Milwaukee, WI
                     “Devils Are Actually Angels”, Mumbo’s Outfit, NY, NY
                     “Performance with Black Rain”, 38 Pitt Street (Metro Pictures), NY, NY
                     “D.A.D. Video Program”, NADA Miami Beach, Miami, FL

2015            “Condensed Matter Community”, Curated by Evan Gruzis and Kristof Wickman, Synchrotron                     
                    Radiation Center, WI
                    “MCA Prime Time”, Curated by Cody Hudson, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 
                    “Surface Support”, Curated by Amanda Schmitt, Signal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                    “Faculty Exhibition”,  92nd St. Y Art Center, NY
                    “Suburban:  Sixteen Years” Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA
                    “Art:  Work”, REVERSE, Brooklyn, NY
                    “The Sharper Image”, Curated by Jeff Gibson, Artspace, Sydney
                    “-Scape.”  Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL

2014            “2014 Whitney Biennial”, Whitney Museum of Art, NY, NY

2013            “Annie Lapin, John Lehr, Alon Levin, Philip Vanderhyden”, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012            “Data Trash”, Curated by Chris Dorland, I-20 Gallery, NY, NY
                    “Lake Effect / Nor’easter, La Montaigne Gallery, Boston, MA
                    “Go To Pieces”, Curatorial Project, Monya Rowe Gallery, NY, NY

2011            “To Tell The Truth”,  Monya Rowe Gallery, NY, NY
                    “Large Abstractions”,  The Suburban, Oak Park, IL
                    “A Person of Color”, Curated by Jose Lerma, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
                    “Summer Group Show”, Rena Sternberg Gallery, Chicago, IL

2010            “I Speak Now From the Aesthetic and Artistic Point of View When I Say That Life With Michelle 
                    Grabner Is Dull”, Curated by Michelle Grabner, Leo Koenig Projekte, NY, NY
                    “A Testbed of Futurity”, Curated by Sean Dack, Southfirst, Brooklyn, NY
                    “Gradation”, Curated by Garth Weiser, Lisbon, Portugal
                    “Welcome to the Neighborhood”, William H. Copper, Chicago, IL
                    “Faculty Exhibition”, 92nd St. Y, NY, NY

2009            “Analog Sunset”, Ludlow 38, NY, NY
                    “System, System, The Convent, Brooklyn, NY
                    “Philip Vanderhyden and Douglas Ross”, St. Louis Museum of Contemporary Art
                    “Red Pictures”, Hudson Franklin, NY, NY
                    “Underconstruction Projects”, The Poor Farm, Waupaca, WI
                    “Our History”, Light and Sie, Dallas, TX
2008            “Aqua Art Fair”, Light and Sie, Miami, FL
                    “Pictures of Nothing”, Lloyd Dobler Gallery, Chicago, IL
                    “Bauhaus Art Show”, Guertin’s Graphics, Chicago, IL
                    “ILIA Faculty Exhibition”, Gallery 350, Chicago, IL	

2007            “Grit and Vigor”, Light and Sie Gallery, Dallas, TX
                    “Tenth Benefit Art Auction”, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI
                    “Part Time”, Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, IL 
                    “Aqua Art Fair”, Hudson Franklin Gallery, Miami, FL

2006            “Philip Vanderhyden and Matt Stolle,”, Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago, IL
                    “Philip Vanderhyden and Amy Park,”, Gahlberg Gallery, Chicago, IL
                    “The Believers”, Curated by Michelle Grabner, Hudson Franklin Gallery, NY, NY
                    “Wherever”, Devening Projects and Editions, Chicago, IL
                    “Art (212)”, NY, NY
                    “Remain in Light”, University of Illinois, Normal, IL

2005            “Nova Art Fair”, Devening Projects and Editions, Chicago, IL
                    “No Monument”, The Guest House, Chicago, IL
                    “Cephalic Symbols”, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL

2004            “Succeeding Where the Hippies Failed”, Le Roy Neiman Gallery, NY, NY
                    “MFA Thesis Exhibition”, Mary and Leigh Block Museum, Evanston, IL
                    “Philip Vanderhyden, Gregg Perkins, Stephan Husby”,  The Suburban, Oak Park, IL

2003            “All Over and At Once”, curated by Lane Relyea, The Pond Gallery, Chicago, IL
                    “Amy’s Friends”, Body-Builder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago, IL

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